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Trust is good – control is better.

At Green Line we set great store by transparency. That is why we have been awarded multiple certificates. You can therefore be sure: whatever Green Line states has also been tested!

ISO certificate

What does the ISO 9001:2008 certificate mean for customers? It gives you the good feeling of having a logistics partners at your side that is regularly and independently checked:


  • Internal processes – from receipt of order to invoicing – are standardised and can be tracked transparently.

  • All safety-related equipment, such as gates or fire extinguishers, are always kept in the very best working order.

  • All vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers are regularly serviced and checked.

  • Our warehousing is monitored by external parties.

Download the ISO certificate here.




AEO is the acronym for "Authorised Economic Operator" and the 'F' represents the highest level of certification.

Green Line carries the AEO-F certificate as a privileged logistics company that may perform customs procedures of economic importance within a simplified process within the EU.

In addition, the AEO-F is proof that Green Line's entire premises and warehouses all meet the most stringent security standards.

The benefits for you: simpler procedures, faster consignments, flexibility and above all: security!


Download the AEO-F certificate here.

Find out more about AEO-F here.

Regulated Agent

To offer you even greater service and security in future, we are working towards obtaining the status of a "Regulated Agent". A company recognised as a "Regulated Agent" in the EU receives preferential treatment in security-related air freight procedures at airports, thereby saving time.

Find out on this page as soon as Green Line has been awarded this status.


Find out more about "Regulated Agent" status here.