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Case studies of typical Green Line logistics

Promising lots is good – keeping all your promises, even better!

Read in our case studies about some supreme examples of typical Green Line logistics:

Logistics that continues when other stop!

Time-critical consignments - delivered on schedule


  • Order received: 17.40, line stoppage threatens at the customer's customer!

  • Collect 2 wire mesh creates (total weight: approx. 2,100 kg) in Lucerne on the same day (Aachen-Lucerne: 670 km.).

  • Delivery to the customer in Aachen the following day before 16.00.

  • Obstacle 1: driving ban after 22.00,

  • Obstacle 2: Export documents still have to be produced; export employees have already finished work for the day!



  • Wire mesh crates split between two small transport vans.

  • Green Line produces the export documents in the evening.

  • Export documents faxed in advance to the customs agent, to avoid wasted time standing around at the border.

  • Customs clearance was completed at 6.00 a.m. the following day.



  • Arrival of the vehicles in Aachen at 15.15 and 15.40!

  • Line stoppage avoided, customer satisfied!

Sensitive goods - flexible solution


  • Order received: 11.40, patient urgently requires medical device!

  • Immediate collection of a special heart catheter in Aachen.

  • Immediate delivery to a clinic in Zwolle (Netherlands) (Aachen-Zwolle: 255 km.).



  • Collection of goods: 12.15 in Aachen.

  • Managing Director Manfred Heidbüchel collects the device in person.

  • Transfer of the device into a GPS-monitored vehicle (that can be localised at any time).



  • Arrival in Zwolle: 14.45, handover of device: 14.55.

  • Doctor's comment the following day: "Thank you! The patient is now much better!"

Winter of the century but nevertheless successful


  • December 2011, the heaviest snowfalls for years, traffic chaos.

  • Shortly before Christmas, snow clearing services overwhelmed, roads blocked.

  • Collection of goods: 23.12.2011 at 14.00: 19 pallets, fixed-time delivery in Jaen (Spain) on 27.12.2011 (Aachen-Jaen: 2,070 km.).

  • Our customer's customer in the automotive sector.



  • Spanish partner reaches motorway exit on 23.12.2011 at 17.30.

  • At the same time the autobahn was closed, vehicles were guided to the nearest service station.

  • The goods could not be transported from the warehouse to the service station, as all the access roads were closed.

  • On 24.12.2011 all vehicles were diverted by the police to the Belgian border service station Aachen-Lichtenbusch.

  • On the morning of the 24.12.2011, a Green Line vehicle was waiting close to Liège (Belgium), facing Aachen.

  • The Green Line scheduler corresponded constantly with his own driver and the Spanish partner. The aim was for Green Line to escort the partner to the warehouse for the handover of goods.

  • Arrival of both vehicles in Stolberg: 24.12.2011 at 16.00, access roads all closed with snow.

  • Clearance of all the roads needed by Green Line's own snow-ploughs; arrival at the warehouse: 18.30!



  • Reloading completed at 19.15.

  • Delivery in Jaen: punctually on 27.12.2011!

  • Customer satisfied – Green Line proud! And Christmas Eve was rescued ...