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Values uphold values!

Many logistics companies know the centuries' old 'Coachman's Oath', but unfortunately not many providers act on it today. Green Line is different: we have created a framework of values that forms the basis of everything we do.

As our customer, you will benefits from our:


Should there be difficulties with your logistics projects, we won't hide but rather show our face. We will explain candidly what the problem is and actively work to resolve it quickly. The Green Line equation is as follows: Honesty + Trust = Durability – and that is precisely what we are working towards: lasting customer relations based on trust!


Partnership is synonymous with respect, courtesy, equality. The way Green Line employees deal with each other internally, is the same way Green Line employees deal with you! Every customer is personally advised and served by a "real" Green Line employee; call centres are anathema to us. And if you'd like to meet us: gladly! We are in your locality and would be happy to call by!

Green Line is proud of its employees who live and breathe partnership every day, resulting in satisfaction at work with minimal fluctuation in staff numbers. The benefit for you: the self-same partner for every project.


Reliability should be a matter of course, particularly in the logistics sector, but we often hear the contrary in practice. Green Line has pledged never to let an order slip and never to allow inefficiency to creep in: from the shipment of single packets to complete loads – on land, on sea and in the air. Whether internal personnel, drivers or warehouse staff – they are all aware of reliability!

One more thing: in the latest customer survey, nine out of ten customers gave "reliability" as being Green Line's major strength ...


Dealing with customers is one thing, caring for customers is another. Green Line is synonymous with intensive customer care!

A single contact serves you from initial enquiry to shipment – your goods are in good hands, knowledge won't get lost.

The project determines the working hours. The date and time on the calendar is secondary! We are available to you even at the weekend, in the evening, at night, even on public holidays – that's a promise!

Willingness to help

It is often said that "the customer is always right". At Green Line, this mantra doesn't just relate to customers – EVERY call is welcome! Do you have a technical question? Don't know where to go for help? Do you need help quickly? Every Green Line employee will be welcoming and really happy to offer advice and answer your questions – even if an immediate order is not expected. We are logistics service providers in the real sense of the phrase and are happy to help with gusto!