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Logistics specialities from Green Line

A company's specialities are what characterise it. Green Line is your specialist when things are urgent, difficult or tight. Exceptions are the rule for Green Line!

European direct consignments

From Finland to Portugal – from Ireland to Greece: Green Line can cope with every European destination, in the backwaters, in remote villages, in mountains and valleys.


We undertake the majority of our work ourselves using Green Line vehicles and employees to ensure that your products and goods are in the very best hands. To provide this, we have a large and versatile fleet available, from Sprinter vans to Jumbo HGV lorries. Do you have a ban on trans-shipment? Not a problem at Green Line!


Trust is good, control is better! That's why we supervise everything on your behalf, from vehicle provision to unloading. Require notification of completion? Provided automatically!


And if your goods leave the Schengen Area, then we naturally look after the customs documentation, for instance for Switzerland or Norway. Customs clearance needed? Green Line will take care of it!


If need be, we work Europe-wide with reliable and flexible logistics partners, who we have known for many years.


Security first? Then Green Line!


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Time-critical shipments

Little time? Is your logistics coordinator under pressure? Express services not taking any more work on? Then Green Line is your logistics emergency doctor!

We'll get to work on your behalf full of gusto. You have the peace of mind that your shipment will reliably reach its destination on schedule – throughout Europe! Even if you only give us the go-ahead in the afternoon! Even if we have to travel on Sundays or public holidays!


No matter from where, to where: any route is welcome! Thanks to our extensive international network, we can load your goods at the point of collection and deliver them to all your destinations.


And, of course, you also benefit with urgent matters from Green Line's exceptional reliability: every express consignment, every time-critical shipment is tracked personally – until we receive confirmation of delivery.


Operating around the clock – hot on the trail on your behalf!


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Sensitive goods

High-quality machines? Sensitive goods? Valuable freight? Green Line is your first choice when care, precision and security are paramount.


"Your goods are our goods" is nailed to our mast. Careful handling of high-value goods is guaranteed: we inspect every package, secure every load with complete thoroughness and plan every consignment down to the last detail. Regardless of whether we are dealing with high crates, electronic devices, top-heavy goods, extreme widths ... No one handles your goods like Green Line!


Sensitive goods without risk? Green Line!


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