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Read interesting facts about logistics and Green Line:


Transition at Greenline Logistik

Als Gründer und Geschäftsführer der Green Line Logistik- und Handelsgesellschaft darf ich Sie heute über den anstehenden Generationswechsel informieren.


Nach mehr als 26 Jahren der Gründung der Green Line Logistik und Handelsgesellschaft mbH werden meine langjährigen Mitarbeiter Tho Ngo und Thomas Koch per 01.05.2021 die Geschäftsführung übernehmen und die Firma mit neuen Ideen und unserer traditionellen Philosophie „…wenn alles vom Transport abhängt! Wir machen da, wo andere aufhören… “ weiterführen.


Send a wish list to Green Line...simply by e-mail wunschzettel(at)

We have set up a wish list specifically for you.

In this way you can rest assured that your desires are complied with rapidly and in an uncomplicated way. In the last few years you have provided to our management useful feedbacks. No matter if the wish for the certification “regulated agent” or AEO F or special handling with sensitive goods with the focus on express- and direct deliveries by green line trucks and staffs or your desire for support and control of consignments to Russia with export declaration and the current embargo regulations…We have the know-how to implement your wishes into concrete action in our daily business. 

Client quote: Dear Green Liner, we like to thank you most sincerely for your extraordinary support for the export procedures to Russia.


Our new truck...

Unser neuer LKW - 2014 !

(click to zoom)

The first new truck has been delivered and at the same time we have adapted the canvas of the truck in accordance to our new web presence. The truck has passed the first tours in Germany and France successfully. We have already received the first positive feedback from our customers due to the new truck. Moreover our driver is very confident with the new truck because the truck is equipped with the newest security systems as an interval control system.

We wish Green Line safe tours with the new truck!


19 years of passion, faith and experience

Since the foundation in 1995 Green Line Logistik made it's impact in the world of logistics, wether by road, rail, air or sea.

We as an independent, family-owned company ensure extreme individuality, flexibility and quality in order to provide the optimal solution in transportation for you. We would like to express our gratitude to our clients for their continued confidence and loyalty and our engaged staff, the Green Liners.

Our Motto: We go further, where others stop.

This includes taking place in courses and advanced training sessions on a regular basis, meeting the highly individual requests of our customers and the implementation as well as the use of innovative IT solutions. We act as if we are transporting our own goods, because you can't be too careful.

Regulated agent

We are happy to announce that Green Line has been verified as a regulated agent by the federal aviation office (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt-LBA).

In order to reach our high claims regarding security and quality we have developed an internal air freight security program which has been certified by the federal aviation office (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt-LBA).

In order to integrate the air freight security program perfectly into our processes and corporate structure we have set aside existing external air freight security solutions and developed our own solutions and approaches concerning air freight security standards.

In short terms: We know exactly what we are doing.

In case of further questions the Green Liners are glad to give you specific advice.


Feel free to contact us!